John's personal favorites (select archived strips)

1. it's all about who you know
2. being open minded
12. a transition to totally perfect existence
13. consciousness defies death?
16. sick of brooding on mortality
17. too much philosophy
18. a universal truth
21. the nature of God
22. evidence of the invisible?
23. going through the motions
24. a universal creative force
26. life is out of your control
29. running away from problems
30. remembering your dreams
33. how can we balance goals and abilities?
36. too late to change
37. bored of aspiration
39. happiness and survival
40. hoping to feel better tomorrow
42. you will never succeed
47. could we be free of the fear of death?
48. the definition of success
50. happy for a fresh start
55. what can we absolutely control?
58. the problem with success
59. learn to love this life
60. no one understands God either...
61. actions bearing on fate?
62. not quite enough freedom...
63. God created us to have fun
64. order or chaos?
65. how could we be full of sense in a senseless universe?
68. when you realize there are NO RULES
69. breaking the rules
70. the other side of a story
72. fictions and fantasies
74. our real lineage
80. resistance is futile
81. cynicism will leave you lonely and sad
82. logic requires emotion
83. the morals of natural selection
84. the greatest good for the most individuals
87. expectations only cause disappointment
88. why to contradict yourself
89. why to explore space
91. what are we conscious "of"
92. pretending to understand each other
93. feeling fortunate
94. being better than others
96. feeling superior
99. massive minds
108. the light speed do-over
109. too fast or too slow
110. loving yourself is hard
111. deep connections
115. enjoy the brighter side
116. the advantage of being right
117. how we will evolve
123. if you think something is ugly it's your fault
124. favoring beautiful things?
125. the beauty of heaven and hell
126. getting overwhelmed
130. everything is wasted
136. difficulty seeing the details of reality
137. happy being unhappy
140. understanding opposites
147. fulfillment via fear
152. someone is always better off
156. learning to be bummed
159. dreams of reality
162. devious God
163. does God want us to be happy?
164. a dark path
165. a propensity for insanity
166. learning from the past
167. when good times go bad
168. potentially depressing
169. potential tragedy
170. unconditional love
171. what is scary
177. a guest strip by Chas
179. future fantasies
187. age
189. arrogance
190. the time of God
199. your ultimate capability
200. who can you trust?
201. maybe it's good to think you're going crazy (adapted from prose by Aimee Dewing)
202. modifications
205. reality and fantasy
206. equal and opposite
207. memories
210. proverbs
213. master and novice
220. the immutable barrier
226. death as physical metaphor
228. the power of uncertainty
229. knowing who you are
230. taking life seriously
234. dissatisfaction
236. the formula for enlightenment
240. self-image
242. painful honesty
243. forgetting and remembering

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